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What is CFD (Contract For Difference)?
CFD is a contract between two parties, a “buyer” and a “seller”, As follow:

  • In the case of positive and negative.
  • case the difference is positive.
  • The buyer agrees to pay the difffference in value, if the difference is negative.

In other words, there is no physical ownership of
underlying shares.


If you want to trade in commodities, it will be interested, you can trade with minimal risks and very good profit. You can trade daily in the commodities like sugar, corn, wood, etc.The most popular and most traded ones are: oil, gold, copper, steel.
to trade in commodities give a high potential of profifit even in the crisis time


What is a “FUTURES” contract?
TO trade in futures, it’s a deliver between two sides, to buy or to sell an asset and have these characteristics:
  • A precisely defined certain amount of underlying asset
    (future price).
  • A maturity date and a given place (delivery place), traded on an organized futures market.
    even in the crisis time.


It’s a parameter that’s help decide the fluctuations of a phenomenon in different places
"The Consumer Price Index" is a famous example for everyone. The CPI measures the evolution of the average price level of goods and services consumed by households, weighted by their share of the average
household consumption.


Foreign Exchange (Forex) = the exchange of two different international couples of currencies, using two currencies to be traded, to do profit finally.
Example: in trading using Euro/Dollars, If you think the
Euro value will rise you will buy it, and you will dollars to do profit finally .