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    serving more then 75 brands worldwide
    210 billion EUR in volume per month

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    - Speed execution transactions
    - Complete Transparency
    - High-Performance Liquidity Tools

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Why choose our services?

The Bealgo company was established and evolved by a devoted group of people, intending to harness the abilities of modern technology for creating the most accurate, precise and profitable trading tools. Putting their trust in Algo Trading/Automated trading, the company's customers are promised the best environment for growing their business.

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Our complete solution

will work for you

    As a leading Algo trading broker we give our client a fully 360 solution that helps them focus on growing their business


To give your brand the best Customer Service we developed a unique CRM platform that destined for Algo trading activity  


As a leading broker we  supply high liquidity with an access to all the prime brokers in the world

Payments solutions

We provide a range of financial solutions for you and your customers so you can focus on operating your automated trading system 

Trading Softwares

To succeed as a trader you need a trading system at the highest level, after you open an account you will get full access to all the features MT4 software can offer

Data confidentiality

Most of our attention in this issue concerns to Algo Trading companies that are managing funds for private clients, ‏this is to enable these companies to feel comfortable when their customers open an account directly with us.

Secure Trading

We use the most advanced security softwares all in order to give you quiet while you are trading

Multiple Integration

We can supply multiple trading systems that can run the algorithms developed by you such as Ninja Trader, Meta Trader and much more, so we can provide service to almost any company regardless of the system.

Speed execution transactions

By using a servers farms that we hold in Tokyo, London and New York, we give our customers the peace of mind of technical failures in electricity, Internet connection, and the most important thing - speed execution. 

Activities for private investors

Are you an Algo trading company engaged with private clients?
Our unique solution allows you to operate your automated trading system in the most beneficial way to a large number of private clients.
We'll operate as brokerage to your clients, We'll provide them with private account with full transparency so your company could focus on trading and profit making.


High level of customers Confidentiality.